Mom and Me Massage New

Kids are people too! And just like adults our little ones can enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of massage. We have tailored our Mom and Me Massage program to fit the needs of children and adolescents.

This unique program uses interactive techniques for you and your child to experience massage and nurturing touch.

How it Works

Mom and me massage is specifically designed for children 9 years and under. Our focus is to have the massage be a relaxing and enjoyable experience that gives the child a chance to relax, have a little time for introspection, and have fun. Total length of time is typically 30 minutes and includes the following:

  • Tactile Stimulations
  • Song Massages
  • Story-Time Massages
  • Mindful Belly-Breathing
  • Parents Taught Simple Techniques for Home

Learning nurturing touch with your child can be a fun, loving, intimate new form of communication for the both of you!

Why it Helps

It helps for some of the same reasons that massage helps us adults. Mom and Me massage gives your child a place to go and safely decompress, to shut the little mind down for a few minutes and relax. Our younger ones are under a lot of stress and anxiety as they develop and figure out where they belong in this world.