For Counselors

There are numerous ways massage can benefit counselors and their clients. Massage gives children and adolescents a time to relax the body and the mind. The short explanation of what happens during a massage is simple: when stimulating the skin via massage, oxytocin is released and the immediate effects are relaxation, calming, increased communication, pain release and better circulation.

Counselors who properly integrate massage therapy and nurturing touch into their overall wellness program have a great advantage. By incorporating massage with a certified pediatric therapist, the counselor offers their pediatric clients an additional therapy that may help:

  • Decrease Stress Levels
  • Decrease Anxiety Levels
  • Reduce Aggressive Behavior
  • Improve Attention Span
  • Create a Safe Environment for Touch
  • Create Strengthened Assertiveness in Establishing Physical Boundaries
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Improve Feelings of Isolation

And many more. We treat each client with the individual care they deserve. Our work with children in counseling is on a case by case basis and massage techniques and programs are established accordingly.